Monday, December 10, 2012

Do Moore's Law Corollaries Double Biennially?

"Moore's Law" noted decades ago that computers, for the same money, become twice as powerful every two years.

There are corollaries. They also become twice as fast, as junction size in their semiconductors shrinks. Computers of the same power become half the size. Memory chips, flash drives, anything that uses semiconductor chips, becomes twice as effective or becomes half the price.

I recently bought a 64 gigabyte flash drive for $40. It is the size of my little fingertip. It could hold 100 Lady Gaga albums. (Bradley Manning has been accused of taking a copy of a Lady Gaga CD on a re-writable disk to work every day and overwriting the music with acres of classified data. Since the days of his alleged crime, technology has evolved to the point that this little bitty $40  thing could hold 100 of his disks. And he hasn't even been brought to trial, yet.)

The corollaries go on and on. Personal visibility doubles every two years. More people can see you. More people can find you. When one runs for office, one finds that transparency doubles every two years. People can better and better see through who a person is today way back to who they were when they first started out in politics. One may need to explain one's turns and changes. One's personal evolutions. The visibility corollary creates a transparency corollary.

Here's a big long list.  And on and on they go. A new one seems to appear every couple of months.

Question for experts: So the corollaries have corollaries, which then have corollaries. Can it be shown that Moore's Law and its corollaries spawn twice as many new corollaries every two years?

(revised 12/11/12.)


Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

Another corollary that seems provable is that a person's involvement with the internet doubles every two years, on the average.

12:34 PM, January 21, 2013  

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