Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moore's Law for Republicans

This is the year that Republicans were confounded by their recorded history as it was presented to them in video after video, commercial after commercial. They do not understand the information age.

They do not understand that an agent for change is underway that doubles in power every two years. The ability to personally compare a politician's present statements with their past statements will be an iPhone app in years to come. They don't understand this at all.

Time after time, they are led into photo-ops for tomorrow's campaigns against them, denying their vote on laws they had once espoused. They have blocked judicial appointments, clogging the system. They hope to defund agencies. Their agenda is no secret. They preach it to tomorrow's cameras.

They do not understand Moore's Law. Gordon Moore of Intel back around 1968 noticed that transistors were getting about twice as small, twice as cheap and twice as fast every two years, and wrote a paper about it. Transistors have continued to do this for decades, and his observation has become considered to be a law.

It's the corollaries that get you in the heels.

If computing bang for the buck doubles every two years, then so does visibility.

If visibility doubles every two years, then so does transparency.

How do you anticipate transparency.


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