Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The president-elect has become a nightmare for Republicans. An embarrassment that grows and grows.

As a candidate, Trump called for Russia to hack his opposition. Russia hacked his opposition. He sent fund-raising letters to the heads of major nations. Told it was improper, he sent more of them. 

Told to divest himself of his business interests, he has failed so far to do so. He must convert to cash. Given that his business runs on credit (from a German bank) he might wind up owing money. So he will never do so. His business will then always be in place for anyone seeking favor.

His choices for members of his cabinet include four billionaires and three retired generals. His choice for Secretary of State, announced yesterday, is an oil man who is a friend of Putin.

Trump has stumbled over diplomacy, upsetting applecarts in the Far East. He said he is too smart to listen to daily intelligence briefings. Trashes the CIA for saying that there was a Russian influence in the US elections. 

He is, after all, the smartest man he knows, as far as he knows.

How soon will he blush? 


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