Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trumpocalypse: The Forward View

What may happen, now that Trump has been elected...

Continuing klutziness. The gaffes will continue. His tweets will drive the news on slow days.

He will continue to change the subject quickly and belligerently when he is being criticized.

The internet will have more than one working group tallying Trump's impeachable offenses.

A dis-investment campaign. Foreign investment in US businesses may dwindle.

A stock market slump as things begin to fall apart. Maybe short sellers will drive it quite a ways down.

For each candidate in Trump's cabinet, a campaign to block their confirmation in Congress. An internet work-group profiling them in depth.

Struggles on the issues will continue. The fight for a national $15/hr minimum wage. The fight to end police brutality. The Bernie platform. The right to safe water.

Further Russian involvement in the Middle East.

China raising its credit rate. We owe them so much. We may need to start paying more interest.

Growing interest in non-violent solutions.

Possible further false-flag military incitements.

Possible alignment with Russia, turning the world against us both.

Possible oil-igarchy, carbon's last stand. Government by Koch Brothers. Scientific truth redefined.

Distributed power generation from alternate sources will continue to take hold. Sun power now cheaper than wind.

Any program that strengthens the safety net will be a battleground.

Validated voting systems will be an issue. Paper ballots will be a desirable.

Voter suppression will be an issue.

Corruption will be a continuing issue. Corporate corruption. The ownership of the world.

Human rights will be a continuing issue. Civil rights. Equal rights. The right to nurture a common good.

The cost of militarism will be a sore thumb for a long time. Pro-active peacemaking may ensure its disuse and dwindling.

Internet architectures will become ever more adaptive, ever more esoteric.

The truth of things will become ever clearer, ever faster.

 Man 's perception of man will become ever more subtle.


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