Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ten Days To Shake The World

The votes against Hillary Clinton outnumbered the votes against Donald Trump - except that they didn't. In ten days, the Electoral College will be deciding if this matters. Mrs. Clinton is now ahead by 2.7 million votes. However, Mr. Trump has acquired enough electoral votes from low-population states to perhaps decide this election.

Meanwhile, Trump is wasting no time in showing the world what kind of president he will be. He cut his daily intelligence briefing to once-a-week. Called the president of Taiwan, upsetting decades of delicate far-eastern tiptoe diplomacy. He's appointed four billionaires and three retired generals to his cabinet. A good formula for a coup, someone noted.

It appears that Wall Street overplayed their hand by courting Hillary Clinton so aggressively. So visibly. These things are usually done on the QT. The result was a kick in the balls to Goldman Sachs by the working class. Who now own the presidency.

An era of 'neo-liberalism' - of letting the market determine fiscal policy - appears to have ended. Trade deals that move jobs overseas are about to be undone. The feeding of taxpayer dollars to big businesses may end.

Given that Trump is considered by many to be a psychopath and is facing a child rape case, he may not make it to inauguration. Pence, who has a major history of homophobia, may not be a whole lot better. But he's governed, and will probably be our next president.

Wall Street has lost control of the government. Where we go from here is up to the people. An issue-driven electorate can build democracy from the bottom up. Or trash it.

As of morning 12/10/16, Trump has just now put the CIA on his enemies list for exposing the Russian influence on his election. He's doing his best to offend enough people and break enough eggs in the next nine days so that the electoral college will turn him down.

He has nine more days to get himself out of this presidency thing.


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