Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Third Debate

Good fortune allowed me to view this evening the third and final U.S. Presidential debate.

The difference in personal style between the candidates was pronounced.

The depth of detail in the responses was much greater in those given by the candidate who has had prior government experience.

Candidate Trump was called again and again on his behavior. The character of his responses to these questions confirmed his behavior. Rough and abrupt, oversimplified, free-associative, with little overall plan. At one point he began a run-on sentence that ran on and on for a minute or more with asides, stand-alone phrases and mottoes all strung together, a data dump of words, a vast word salad.  He had forgotten the question.

Candidate Clinton described plans and programs.

Several good zings were gotten in in both directions, with Clinton delivering one-two punches, occasional knockout blows, and continuing to talk while Trump talked, just as he had talked over her in the first debate.

Candidate Trump failed to confirm that he would accept the results of the election. He's not really going to be in a position to deny them. If he promotes the overthrow of the government, he may run into some problems.

Trump's followers may need missionary help.


Blogger Super hackers said...

Hmmm...It is very interesting atricle, tho. I guess, that elections in USA are important for almost every country in the world. Actually, i would like to hear your opinion about latest hackers attacks on US servers. US authorities assume Russia in that crimes. What do you think? Besides, can you tell some thoughts considering this article
I suppose, it may be quite dangerous for world safety.

5:24 PM, October 24, 2016  
Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

The latest denial of service attacks were said to have been in retaliation for Ecuador cutting off Assange's internet access. I don't know how many of the attacks landed in Ecuador. It seems like a lot of people in the United States - many who have no idea what Wikileaks even is - were punished for Ecuador's act. This is something of a shotgun approach - you shoot a flying bird with a shotgun, and at least some of the pellets may bring it down. But in this case, the pellets didn't land anywhere near the target. So it comes off as more of a muscle-flexing exercise. Showing the world how big one's ... muscles ... are.

According to our news services, Assange was cut off from the internet for interfering in the U.S. presidential election. Russia hacked Hillary's emails and Assange published them.

Now, granted that Hillary has gone to the big money people for support. If she is not put continually under pressure by Sanders and his 'Our Revolution' organization, she will do what big money wants her to do. But, unlike the Bushes, she's flexible. She can be pushed into taking a position. A progressive once proposed a new project to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who responded, "That's wonderful - now make me do it." So the battle between corporations and the proletariat will continue. A little more easily with Hillary in office than with Trump.

Assange's efforts to expose Hillary's links to corporate interests happened after she was chosen to be the Democratic candidate, and, while worthwhile in themselves, his efforts fed Trump's script. "Evil Hillary." Remember, Putin is into Trump. As best as can be determined, Russia hacked Hillary's emails, gave them to Assange, and he did his best to do her damage. Benefiting Trump. Now, if Trump does get elected, truly the revolution could begin, so there's some virtue in bringing the class struggle to a head. But there's not much chance of that. And if he did win, Trump could be impeached before he's inaugurated in January. He will be facing in December a lawsuit from a lady who was raped by him when she was fifteen. He will be no longer driving the tractor. His face will be at the point of the plow. He will lose face.

Probably, after the election is over, Assange will be re-connected.

11:21 PM, October 28, 2016  
Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

Regret that I only understand Spanish 'un poquito', so am unable to evaluate your web site. World safety is threatened by a bunch of things right now. But... the revolution continues, fed by an information flow that doubles every two years, as computers double in power. If you've ever heard of Moore's Law, you may remember that since 1965, integrated circuit chips have doubled their capacity at the same price about every two years. This shows no signs of letting up. So... visibility will double. Transparency will double - what a politician said ten years ago will be ever more closely compared with what he says today. You can see that happening now with Trump. Old secrets will be exposed more and more. They're a hot property. Consider the $20 body-cams on Amazon. They now have $10 body-cams, in fact. Citizens can cam cops even if their phones are taken. In two years, the body cams may cost $5.

One result of this info revolution is that the way American police have been treating black people has been ever more exposed. The visibility of an evil is ending it.

Back in the 60's I saw the TV in the student union in the little college I was going to change from reruns of 'The Lone Ranger' to daily video of black people at Woolworth lunch counters getting beaten by racist whites. That ignited a lot of activism. This continues.

So old structures are dying. We once has a constitutional amendment that prohibited the sale of liquor. The government, led by Elliot Ness, went after the distillers and traffickers in alcoholic beverages. When the amendment was tossed out, the Ness people regrouped and invented the drug war. This year's election promises to allow one quarter of our population to smoke marijuana recreationally. The DEA, which enjoys the presumption of moral authority, is being told to wake up. It is at risk of becoming obsolete.

Imagine what the Middle East will be like when everyone has phone cams or body cams. Will Israel still grossly abuse the Palestinians? Will the Syrian Alloween still be considered privileged when people see more and more what they do? The Egyptian generals? These are dinosaurs, more and more like skeletons as light shines through them.

Evil fades in the light.

11:22 PM, October 28, 2016  

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