Sunday, May 22, 2016

Feeling The Change?

In 1953, when George Jorgensen had his genitals snipped and became the media darling Christine Jorgensen, my 11 year-old schoolmates, on seeing one of us with his hand in his pocket would ask, "Feeling the change?"

It was that long ago. 63 years ago. Trans women have been using the ladies room for 63 years. Trans men have been using the mens rooms. And suddenly Republicans have a problem. Six decades of no problems and suddenly Republicans have a problem.

One would think that they had run out of things to attack. Attacking gays is so gauche these days. Global warming, torture, US support for oppressive governments - a person would think they'd attack these things. But they can't. They own these things.

So, to prove that they are brave fighters in God's holy army, they attack transgender people.

How sterile the vanities. How sad the souls that must compete for darkness.


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