Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Racial Terrorism In America May Not Work Too Well

In Minneapolis, white supremacists who had previously been counter-protesting a Black Lives Matters demonstration over the police killing of Jamar Clark, last night shot five BLM demonstrators. Thankfully, no one was killed.
"... last week Jamar Clark was shot during a "struggle" with the police. Witnesses to his death are stating he was handcuffed and shot execution style in the head. "
Demonstrators had been calling for release of the video of the Clark shooting. The shooters had been threatening them.

There is a strong chance that the identities of last night's shooters are known to those who can turn them in. So here will be something for America to digest.


They intended to inspire terror. With weapons. Organized as a team. And they attempted to kill.

The brother of Jamar Clark thanked the demonstrators for their support and encouraged them to end the demonstration
"... in light of tonight's shootings, the family feels out of imminent concern for the safety of the occupiers, we must get the occupation of the 4th precinct ended and onto the next step."
The act of terrorism succeeded in pausing the demonstration. For now. The struggle for justice for Clark's killing will undoubtedly continue. The terrorism by gunfire certainly brought national attention to it.

Here we are.

The NY Daily News depicted the head of the National Rifle Association as a terrorist  a day ago. War is going on. War on the addled warriors right to own guns. War on the marketers of guns designed for mass killings.

Given the intrusive nature of the American security apparatus, the perpetrators are surely already in the system. Now, so also is anyone six handshakes away from them. Digital dossiers on all of them are being pulled from data warehouses and cross-linked into a walkable terrain.

A new database exists. "Armed White Supremacists And Friends In The Minneapolis Area." For some organizations, it may have been around for years.

It will be a race to see who discovers the perpetrators' identities first. The police? Anonymous? The Southern Poverty Law Center?  Anonymous members have probably had these people under observation for a while. They have interesting little hobbies like that. SPLC keeps a close eye on racist groups. They all inform the authorities when they see something illegal happening.

A simple google on "Armed White Supremacists And Friends In The Minneapolis Area" finds 398,000 results. Anyone can play this game. Finding the perps should not be very difficult.

Nothing like being the center of attention.


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