Thursday, November 05, 2015

Bernie Sanders Files Bill To Legalize Cannabis

Senator Bernie Sanders, contending with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic presidential candidate, has introduced a bill in the Senate that would legalize marijuana, putting its governance into the hands of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Just as anyone who wants to can brew wine, I would imagine that soon anyone who wants to can also grow weed. Fifty-eight percent of Americans think cannabis should be legal. There is a similar bill in the House. This bill will be in the news until election day.

Bernie's agenda calls for a lot of things that a majority of Americans want but which both parties have been ignoring, mired in the glory of internecine warfare. His agenda calls for:
  1. Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
  2. Reversing Climate Change
  3. Creating Worker Co-ops
  4. Growing the Trade Union Movement
  5. Raising the Minimum Wage
  6. Pay Equity for Women Workers
  7. Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
  8. Making College Affordable for All
  9. Taking on Wall Street
  10. Health Care as a Right for All
  11. Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
  12. Real Tax Reform
His take-down of the drug war's favorite football comes as a surprise. But a majority of Americans wanted it.

From now until election day, Bernie may introduce bill after bill that will bring about what a majority of Americans want. He may present his agenda to the American people as a series of Senate bills.

How can Hillary top that?


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