Friday, August 28, 2015

Charm School For Cops?

This would be a great way to make money. Send law enforcement officers to charm school. The reduction in risk of lawsuit payouts for bad policing could fund it.

Charm schools teach how to get what you want graciously. They teach equanimity under stress. How to be gracious in the middle of difficulties. 

The idea could even make for a TV series, where cops who have learned quiet grace outclass their grosser peers. Education - and TV shows - like this may improve police-community relations. Police would learn how to solve problems without becoming an emotional participant.

Even if only a few officers - perhaps senior officers - receive the training, the understanding of how to accomplish difficult tasks without losing composure could filter down through the ranks. So it's really a cheap investment for a city. Taking a class in these skills could be part of a policeman's training. Failing a class in social skills should be a cause for concern. Failure may screen out recruits who are innately unsocial and could become liabilities.

If someone were to negotiate with finishing schools on one hand and law enforcement organizations on the other, acting as a middleman, there could be fees and commissions. The reduction in risk of lawsuit payouts would fund it.

Charm school for cops.


  1)  Identify jurisdictions that have already paid out large sums for police misconduct.
  2)  Determine what funding is available for risk reduction.
  3)  Identify finishing schools in those localities that work with adults and could hold seminars and week-long study sessions.
  4)  Contract with the schools to act as their agent.
  5)  Sell the plan to the aldermen.


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