Tuesday, May 12, 2015

America Indivisible

When I was a child, we pledged allegiance to "one nation, indivisible" in school every day. Or pretended to do so, if we happened to be of a church that pledged allegiance only to the highest and did not pledge allegiance to anything made by man. Man, who somehow contrived to misunderstand the simple commandment, "Thou Shall Not Kill".

And then the word "indivisible" was replaced by the words "under God". "One nation, under God ..."

The Goddists had outnumbered the Buddhists and Taoists and Atheists and Apathiests. Being split among themselves, the Goddists then pulled the nation in all directions. What was once indivisible became divided, multiply fractured.

There was money in damning the Democrats, and the Republican party flourished until it itself fractured. As seen in the Indiana imbroglio noted below, corporate interests now support gay rights. Those who derive an income from spouting social conservatism have so far failed to do this. The corporatists and the 'tea party' conservatives have split. Money is marching elsewhere.

What is indivisible in America is the peoples' will to govern.

"With freedom and justice for all."


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