Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Does Your Help-Staff Have Sick Leave?"

"Apres Ski!"

  -  "Hi, I'd like to reserve a table for four. We'll be arriving at around 7:45 this evening?"


  -  "Rodgers. Oh, and by the way - I need to ask -  Does Your Help-Staff Have Sick Leave?"

 "Uh... no..."

 -  "Ok then. I'll have to cancel. Thanks anyway."

There's no sense having some poor lady with stomach flu and vomiting every half hour prepare your food.  (Long bunch of stories here - scariness warning.)

So be sure to ask. It's your health. You own it. Many, many restaurants require toxic workers to stay on the job by not allowing sick days. A hazard. You should support the restaurants that keep you healthy.

"Does Your Help-Staff Have Sick Leave?"


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