Thursday, December 25, 2014

Peace on Earth

An arms limitation treaty has just gone into force that forbids arms sales to countries that use arms against civilians to commit human rights abuses.
"Under the terms of the treaty, each state must assess if there is an overriding risk that a proposed arms export to another country will be used for or contribute to serious human rights abuses or organized crime; if so the deal cannot be authorized by the seller.
The treaty has widespread support; only three countries—North Korea, Syria, and Iran—voted against it at the United Nations. As of Wednesday, 130 countries had signed it, and 60 had ratified. The U.S. signed the Arms Trade Treaty in September 2013, but the Senate has not yet ratified it.
Human rights groups heralded the treaty going into force."
And now... to work on Good Will Toward Men. Starting in the Senate.


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