Friday, November 28, 2014

The Hidden Player

The information revolution is an unseen player in revealing and in resolving social conflict. Its power doubles every two years.

It is a reconciling force, discovering opposites and throwing light on them.

Those who depend on secrecy to commit violence risk exposure. The KKK crowd has just seen the publication of the names, addresses and credit card numbers of members who threatened 'lethal force' against the Ferguson demonstrators. They were not aware of it themselves, but their identities were visible. Who would join now? If you can't hide under a sheet, it just won't be the same old KKK.

The KKK may have just now been eliminated as a future player.

The principle that information, even about the power elite, is increasingly accessible may limit for the CIA/NSA/military crowd those excursions from illegality we introduce into the world. In South America, for example, the CIA training of professional torturers for the Pinochet regime is increasingly in the news. The more the spook services are known, the less they can do.

A brighter sun is rising than the world has ever seen.


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