Monday, August 25, 2014

The CIA Confesses To Spying On Congress, Obama Admits Torture Happened

Two dramatic confessions this last month. Story lines are developing ever more rapidly.

First, the CIA has admitted that it spied on members of Congress:

07/31/14   "CIA, On Careful Reflection, Remembers It Hacked Senate Computers After All"

08/06/14   "CIA Admits to Spying on Senate but No Prosecutions to Follow"

   Congress is supposed to oversee the intelligence agencies, but they overlook instead. As the story of CIA torture prisons grew over the years, the specific details of the suffering we imposed made it hard for our representatives to continue their elective blindness. So they set up shop over at CIA headquarters with a computer kindly loaned to them by the CIA that they could use to examine the CIA records. Which, of course, was bugged. And they noticed.
US lawmakers say CIA censored torture report to avoid embarrassment.
"Several people who have read the full report, and who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss still-classified material, say it shows that the CIA interrogation program was far more brutal than previously understood, and that CIA officials repeatedly misled Congress and the Justice Department about what was being done to al-Qaida detainees. The report asserts that no unique, life-saving intelligence was gleaned for the harsh techniques."

   Then the President admitted, "We tortured," referring to actions taken before he came into office.

08/02/14  Obama steps up to call Bush-era CIA Torture “Torture,” Despite Legal Implications
08/25/14  Obama: 'We Tortured Some Folks'

   He broke with his long-held position of letting the past be the past so that we can all move forward together into the bright new world of the future. America's past now stands in front of us, between us and that bright new world. Casting a shadow.

 The Geneva Convention:  No Exceptional Circumstances Whatsoever... May Be Invoked as a Justification of Torture

The past must be reconciled. If our future is to be firm and sure, torture must not be allowed ever again to occur.

What action Congress will take to make its creations manageable, what action the President will take to make our country's actions honorable before the world - this is up to them and up to us.


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