Monday, August 25, 2014

Body Cams For Everyone In Ten Years

Wearing a body cam tends to ensures good behavior on the part of others. Why should their use be limited to the police?

Body cams are digital technology. Their cost will probably decline about as fast as the price of other computer technology, which drops in half about every two years.

In 2014, outfitting a policeman with a body cam costs about $1000. ($400 for the cam, $600 for the monitoring system.)

In 2016, two years later, the cost will be halved to $500. Four years later, in 2020, $125. In 2024, the cost to outfit a person will be $31.25.

Every school kid can wear a cam. Bullying will be ended. But so will spontaneity, unless special places can be set aside where people can be as they are and not need to play to all the cameras.


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