Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Many-To-Many Era Begins

I bought a new computer a week ago. As I started it up, at some point it told me that it had been intentionally designed to be a TV provider. 

Apparently cable TV will soon be falling by the wayside, just as the old way of broadcasting from towers fell some years ago. The cable guys just might want to buy a new computer and see what they're up against.   

If ABC's web TV feed happens to be transmitted from a single tcp/ip address, then everyone on earth is potentially a TV broadcaster, as there are more than enough addresses for everyone. We can all be "one-to-many."

Even when a person may have had one too many... or can only count "One, two, many..."   One can speak to all, anyone can speak to one.

A time is near at hand when many people may wear eyepieces that broadcast their immediate visual experiences and receive video from others. Many to many.

A new world begins. Again.


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