Friday, December 13, 2013

The World Is My War Zone

War used to take place on battlefields. In a war zone. Far away. Now, terrorism and the war against it take place everywhere. Everyone lives in a war zone in the war on terror.

In a war zone, rules change. Liberties are limited. Authority - of one side or the other - rules.

And now begins a war to regain our liberties from those who have managed to keep the world a war zone, to keep themselves in power by perpetual war.

Now begins a war against authority.

Whether seen from the left as a war against the Idi Amins of the world or from the right as a war against big government, it is a war against existing authority.

The goal of the war - as seen from my side - is to make the world something better than a war zone.

"Civic engagement" - a most innocent phrase - involves attending hearings on new laws. It involves going in buses to lobby your representative. And maybe a little picketing and rallying. It means making sure your elected representatives know you are out there and are watching them.

Mankind has got government surrounded.

We are the peace zone.


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