Saturday, April 13, 2013

Obama Turns Out The Light

The sacred guarantee of retirement that keeps us all at our desks, the light at the end of the tunnel, has become pie in the sky.

Chained CPI:  If something cheaper can effectively replace what you buy, then your payment is reduced accordingly.

 - corn meal mush is as effective as Post Toasties.
 - a Ford is as effective as a Pontiac.
 - a 21" television screen is as effective as a 42" television screen.
 - a walk in the park is as effective as a trip to the movies.

Chained CPI is a winch that will ratchet ever tighter.

 - hamburgers from McDonalds are as effective as gourmet cookery for White House dinners?

Yah, sure.

There is no need to shrink the Social Security payouts - increase the pay-ins!

Scrap the cap. Scrap the income cap on Social Security withholding. Join your local 'scrap the cap' movement. Or start one.

Time to go on the offensive. We've lost an ally. It is up to seniors to become involved, to organize, to besiege Congress to stop playing games with Social Security.

The football must now be moved the other way.


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