Saturday, April 20, 2013

420 Day - Freedom Has Begun

This day we give thanks.

Thanks that two states in this country have now legalized recreational marijuana.

Thanks that a majority of Americans now favor an end to cannabis prohibition.

Thanks that in many places, jails are too full to hold us. Sad, really. The mentally ill homeless have found their way to the only safe place still available, and have learned how to be just bad enough to stay there.

We give thanks that other countries are beginning to question and to legalize.

Thanks that already there are investment opportunities for those brave enough to buy penny stocks: MJNA, HEMP and PHOT are three that this writer owns.

The path to the future is getting clearer and clearer. Government is trapped into defending an obvious fallacy. They must defend the notion that cannabis is both toxic and addictive. Good luck with that!

Increasingly, the opposite is shown, the obvious is known. Government is a fool.

MJNA is making its money licensing systems that produce pre-packed, uniform-dosage, medical marijuana. They have made marijuana prescribable. They license production of THC/CBD formulations for medical use and, where it is legal, formulations for recreational use.

The federal government has hesitated to prosecute. Perhaps it sees the writing on the wall.


Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

Marijuana prohibition now costs the US $20 billion dollars a year.

What prohibition costs the world is much, much more. Now that it's been determined that austerity doesn't cause economies to grow, perhaps a further break with authoritarianism could save the US $20 bil a year and bring in another $20 bil in new taxes.

8:27 PM, April 20, 2013  

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