Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gun Insurance - A Boon For Connecticut?

Connecticut is famous for its gun manufacturers.

It is also well known for another, much larger, industry - the insurance industry.

The gun industry may soon have sold all the guns America will be wanting for a while. As background checks go into effect, as the flow of guns to gangs is staunched, gun manufacturers may have fulfilled the demand. Sales may diminish. 

Gun sales are one-time sales.

Suppose the one-time sale of a gun included a monthly pay-as-you-go insurance charge?

Suppose the insurance proceeds were then used to support communities which suffer multiple killings, and to help victims of gun violence?

Suppose the NRA could earn ongoing income from advertising this gun insurance? They would then no longer be quite so dependent on single-gun sales in the gun industry. Suppose the NRA got commission on insurance sales to members?

Suppose gun sellers and gun clubs could write insurance policies?  Suppose the policy writers could get a monthly commission on this insurance on the one-time sale of the gun?

Suppose gun owners could get a discount on gun insurance by storing their extra guns at the shooting range?

Suppose anyone who has gun insurance could earn commission on the insurance he sells to his friends, and then get a smaller commission on the sales they make? Let the insurance company decide if they're insurable and how much it should cost.

Suppose anyone who signed up a gun owner for insurance could get a monthly commission?

Suppose a person needed a current gun insurance card in order to buy bullets?

Just suppose.

Some people would still find a way around the limits. A majority would not.

Gun owners, paying into a fund for gun violence victims, may do their best to ensure that all guns are used sanely and that there are no more victims of violence.

Implementation could vary from state to state. Like auto insurance, gun insurance could become an indicator of responsibility. 


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