Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Puff The Magic Dragon Returns To Honah Lee

It's going to be an interesting four years. The poor will still be with us, including the poor in mind and the poor in spirit. The waste of money spent on warring when we could be supporting rebellion may soon end. And it looks like the waste of money spent on enforcing at least one drug law soon will come to an end, too.

Colorado and Washington have legalized weed. But there may be some growing pains. The feds have threatened to enforce the federal law against it. They will probably hit the big operations first, and that is where the battle line will begin. Scrimmage may never move to the far end of the field, to where people casually grow it in their homes. Colorado's 
Amendment 64 makes it immediately legal for Colorado adults to possess, grow, consume and give away marijuana.

In Chicago's Little Italy, old men - 20 years ago - used to make wine in their basements. Forty years ago in San Francisco I made beer in a small plastic garbage can in my kitchen (that's how you do it, folks! Covered with Saran wrap, of course.) Home production of euphoric experiences is common in many households.

Meanwhile, anyone busted for possession may want to ask for a continuance. The rules are changing rapidly.
Once the legislatures start discussing taxation and regulation, the judges won't be far behind.

We just elected - re-elected - a President who enjoyed, as a teen, the weed. When a joint was being passed around, he would dive in, shouting "Intercept!" and grab a toke for himself. He invented "Total Absorption," a smoking method wherein one holds the smoke in the lungs for as long as possible. Nothing is wasted.

He now has two daughters, and the President's views on cannabis surely must have become more conservative than they were in his youth. But he has been there. And he is an understanding person.
His administration did little to defend the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act in court, and it may be that his support for the current legal classification of marijuana as a harmful drug will find itself susceptible to rational change.

How soon will the current laws against marihuana be quietly ditched? How soon will legislatures in other states quietly discuss their own potentials for income from regulation and taxation of the weed?  Will people outside Colorado who wish to grow their own marijuana for personal use be safe and secure in their homes?

Puff The Magic Dragon is coming over the horizon. Somewhere up there with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. It looks like Puff may find a place to land.


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