Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ryan Rants As Biden Smiles

With a voice resembling an adenoidal Jerry Lewis playing to Mitt Romney's urbane impression of Dean Martin, the Republican candidate for Vice President, Congressman Paul Ryan, two nights ago found himself full of principles but bereft of practice.

Ryan whined. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, sounded instead like a gentle daddy explaining to his son why he couldn't take his balloon to bed.

Ryan stretched the truth. Biden smiled, even laughing now and then, he held up his hand, he finally interrupted with the facts. Again and again.

Biden told about the large group of countries involved in organizing sanctions against Iran to halt its development of nuclear power. Biden clarified that Iran is very far from producing a bomb as Republicans have claimed. Biden gave details on his and the President's close working relationship with Bibi Netanyahu, the hawkish leader of Israel. Biden pointed out that the Libyan embassy's request for more security guards was not one that would have come to the President's desk. 

The gentle daddy could be firm. Although many listeners considered the moderator the winner of the debate, Biden was willing to correct misunderstandings on her part as well.

As observes, Biden himself stretched the facts several times. He said that his administration rescued Detroit, when it simply carried through on a process started under the Bush administration. But their review found Mr. Ryan's failures severe.
For voters, one hopes the question may be "Which of these people do I want to have his hands on the red telephone?"  The answer should be clear.


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