Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Presidential Debate Goes Global

YouTube will be streaming the US Presidential Debate tonight. To connect, a person simply needs to go to YouTube and search on "presidential debate streaming".

People can watch this debate from anywhere in the world that has internet access. At the same time that global money is trying to rule the United States by overwhelming voters with ads, this vision of democracy in motion will be going out to the whole world.

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Appendum and addendum:  YouTube froze. Way too many viewers for their bandwidth. Same thing for ABC, which was covering the debate. However, Huffington Post had viewer slots left in their streamery, so I watched it there. Also watched the Vice Presidential debates at HuffPo.

It seems like sites are re-streaming the video. Significant video gets re-streamed, like the video of the British bobbies getting ready to invade the Ecuadorian Embassy and capture Assange a month or two ago. Enough people saw this before it happened that it didn't happen.


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