Friday, April 20, 2012

Cannabis Day, 2012

Time for the yearly Cannabis Freedom review.  Freedom Now!

April 20th has become that day of the year when people to whom marijuana has brought health and joy in life gather and honor the gift.

In this year's news, full legalization of cannabis will be on November's ballot in Washington state and also in Colorado, where the state Democratic Party has just endorsed the full legalization amendment.

More states may join them. A drive to get signatures to put a proposition on the ballot in Michigan begins Wednesday. A drive is on in Missouri.  Proponents are collecting signatures for three initiatives in Oregon.  And collecting signatures for three more in California.     

Internationally, a group of South American leaders have called for an end to the drug war. President Obama is willing to discuss the issue, but in a strange leap of logic he doesn't think that taking drug distribution out of the hands of criminals will end the drug war - instead

"... he believes that legalization could lead to greater problems in countries hardest hit by drug-fueled violence."

If cannabis is to be delivered to Americans through drugstores or state liquor stores, what requires that it should it even be imported?  What would American consumption have to do with South American production?  What part of "legalize / regulate / tax" does the president not understand?

The combination of legalization, regulation and taxation "just like alcohol" is a formula that most folks can and do understand. When people have enough money to buy pricy cannabis, they have enough money to pay a good tax on it. Even the conservative Washington Times newspaper notes that recreational drug legalization would do more to fix the deficit than would appropriately taxing our poor millionaires. Of course, appropriately taxing our millionaires and also taxing the usage of recreational drugs would double the tax benefit. There's no reason not to do both.

Eminent evangelist Pat Robertson came out this year for full legalization, regulation and taxation. The logic of taxable legalization did not escape him.  Even Fox News seems to see the positive side.

Now the National Cancer Institute says cannabis has curative effects.  Cannabis cures cancer. It's not a silver bullet but is a slower cure - the cure seems to result from the cancer cells relearning how to die. But it cures cancer.

Cannabis was at first seen as palliative. It reduced pain and inflammation and enabled cancer victims to keep their food down longer. Then it was seen to be preventative. Tobacco smokers who also smoked cannabis were much less likely to get lung cancer. Now it is discovered to be a curative. It helps cancer cells find their way to a righteous death.

It is a rare non-toxic curative. No one has ever died from it. There is no toxic level of dosage. Unlike alcohol.

If science were to discover next that cannabis prevents wrinkles, it would become legal overnight. Or if the President checks his facts and gets his story straight.


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