Thursday, March 01, 2012

North Korea Joins The World Again

North Korea has once again agreed to inspections of their nuclear program.

I like to think that someone got into a discussion of the implications of Moore's Law with the intransigent iconoclasts. Once there was a mutual understanding of the law itself, this growth principle that seems to be governing the world's future, then there could have been discussion of the mutual implications. A package of quid-pro-quos developed. A document that was attractive to both sides was signed.

It certainly wasn't a result of the use of military force.

North Korea has agreed to inspections and has then suspended their agreement several times over the years, so keeping this agreement in place will require both sides to have a strong shared focus on the present moment, with a continuing analysis of the kind of world that is developing for each country and the implications of the changes that occur. This agreement should not just be set on the shelf.


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