Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Saturn-Uranus Conjunction Breeds Radicals

Is there any connection between the demonstrators of the sixties and the "Occupy" demonstrators of today? One subtle connection seems to be that both groups were born during a rare aspect between planets in the solar system. An astrological connection it is.

When Saturn, the planet of discipline and focus passes in front of Uranus, the planet of invention and spontaneity, rebels appear to be born. Many of those who were 19 in 1961 were born on or near the dates when this "conjunction" between Saturn and Uranus occurred. Many of those who are 24 today were born when the conjunction happened again in 1988. Today's young demonstrators seem more mature than the 1961 activists, and a common complaint among them is that they've finished college with a load of debt only to discover that there are no jobs.

The planet Saturn goes around the Sun every 28 years. Every now and then it passes over the slower-moving planet Uranus, about once every 44 years. As viewed from Earth, one of these events happened on May 3rd, 1942. There may be people still living whose lives began about then, and I would like to meet them. Nineteen years later in 1961 and onward through the early sixties, some of us got arrested for our beliefs, we did.

In 1988, Saturn as viewed from Earth, passed over Uranus three times - going forward, in reverse, and going forward again. This zigzag along Saturn's orbit is thanks to parallax caused by Earth's own orbit around the Sun. If an outer planet is holding fairly still, Earth's yearly motion can make the planet appear from Earth to shift back and forth against the background behind it. In this case, the background was the even slower planet Uranus.

People born in 1988 on February 12 at 7:48 PM Eastern Standard Time (in Britain, that's 00:48 GMT on 2/13) will have Saturn precisely conjunct Uranus. The sun will be in Aquarius and the Saturn-Uranus conjunction will be at 29 degrees and 55 minutes of Sagittarius, right on the Sagittarius-Scorpio cusp. The effect of the conjunction will precede February 12th for several months. The effect will continue after the conjunction for several months as well.

People born in 1988 on June 26th at 12:26 PM EST will have Saturn precisely conjunct Uranus. The sun will be in Cancer and the conjunction will be at 28 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius.

People born in 1988 on October 18th at 8:14 AM EST will have Saturn precisely conjunct Uranus. The sun will be in Libra this time and the conjunction will be at 27 degrees 49 minutes of Sagittarius.

The effects of the conjunction can last for weeks or months. Some even speak of years.

Midway between each conjunction comes an opposition - every 22 years, Saturn and Uranus are on opposite sides of the sky as viewed from Earth. Astrologer Courtney Roberts tells in a YouTube video how this affects the earth. She sees the effects of the opposition beginning in 2008, the year President Obama was elected. A similar upsetting happened in 1968, when a strong movement had developed that was against the Vietnam War, and it led President Johnson to decide not to run for a second term.

And this year, dictatorships have turned into democracies in three countries on the south shore of the Mediterranean: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Syria may be next on the list.

Old habitual ways yield to the new when Saturn and Uranus are in opposition. Revolutionaries appear to be born when they are conjunct.


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