Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Chicago Occupation

Downtown, I walked from a class over toward the "Occupy Chicago" protest yesterday, arriving first at a demonstration at the Bank of America just after the B of A had been gifted with a large amount of garbage removed from foreclosed houses. Apparently these turn into crack houses. B of A needs to keep foreclosed property from destroying the neighborhoods.

Protestors were standing and chanting. A fellow from a peace group from the suburbs was handing out leaflets. He was sort of talking Quakerism and I found myself talking class warfare.

A block south on LaSalle, I passed a bank which had a new wooden sign: "The Private Bank". This looked like a movie prop, but it is for real.

The intersection of LaSalle and Jackson is the center of the "Occupy Chicago" protest. People there were chanting "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out." A few demonstrators were chatting casually with the cops. A man came by passing out a small note about a meeting in the suburbs for planning a demonstration about the NATO and G8 meetings here next spring. Keeping time with the chant, a man was pounding a baseball bat on a drum made from half of a plastic 55 gallon drum. The racial mix was perfectly Chicago. Lots of people were just standing, not talking, so I didn't force anything. Witnessing.

When the feet gave out, I walked away. Passed what would appear to be a mortgage banker, two inches taller than me and fifty pounds heavier. Was wordless at the time, but now I wish I had shouted at his back as he walked away, "Diminishing returns!"

The Mortgage Bankers Association number is 202 557-2700. They are destroying neighborhoods.

- - - - In the news... - - - -

The lawyer for one of the four women in NYC who were spritzed inappropriately with pepper spray has just called on the District Attorney to arrest senior officer Anthony Bologna (aka "Tony Baloney") for assault. He was photographed spritzing - caught in the act. Per the NY Post... Huffington Post... More background from the International Business Times.

A photo of the provocateur who led the break-in at the National Air and Space Museum was quickly identified by commentors at the Democratic Underground website, which has the best detail about Occupation projects. This chap is history. Caught in the act.

The "Occupy" movement is totally peaceful and considers policemen to be within the 99% who need to see change by the top 1%. Spitting in the eye of a cop is totally out of order. Guys like this get turned in. Risky misbehavior!


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