Sunday, April 10, 2011

Riders In The Storm

Thanks to a commenter on the Rachel Maddow blog, here is a list of the riders that the Republicans have attached to the continuing resolution budget bill:

"Prohibits funding for the Wetlands Reserve Program.

Prohibits funding for the Conservation Stewardship Program.

Prohibits funding for the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act.

Prohibits funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program or the State Energy Program.

Prohibits funding for various environmental projects in California.

Prohibits funding for a climate change czar in the White House.

Prohibits funding for EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gases.

Prohibits funding for the EPA to change a rule regulating water.

Prohibits funds for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Prohibits funds for the EPA to implement regulations to designate coal ash residue as hazardous waste.

Prohibits funding for the IRS to implement health care reform.

Prohibits funds for a White House Director of Health Care reform.

Prohibits the District of Columbia from using its own, non-federal funds to pay for abortions beyond the very limited circumstances in which federal funds are currently available (in circumstances of rape or incest and to save the life of a pregnant woman).

Prohibits funding for needle-exchange programs.

Prohibits funding for sections of the Public Health Service Act.

Prohibits funds to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., or any of its affiliates.

Prohibits funds to pay any employee, officer or contractor to implement the provisions of the health care reform law.

Strips funding for any provision of the health care reform law.

Prohibits funding for the US Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation, UN Population Fund, or for foreign NGOs that use their own non-U.S. funds to provide abortion services."


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