Wednesday, April 20, 2011

420 Day

Time for the annual review of the marijuana freedom movement.

California lost, this year, as voters by a narrow margin turned down a proposition that would have legalized even casual use. The marijuana growing industry is a major, if untaxed, player, and pressure from the northern counties that depend on illicit marijuana sales for income appears to have squelched total marijuana freedom in that state for now.

Today we learn that Canada may be totally legalizing marijuana on July 10th.

Is total legalization a new meme? Aspirin is more toxic - you can kill yourself by downing a bottle or two. Not so with weed. You can't find your lighter after smoking a joint or two. No one has died, and other than sore throats from smoking too much, there appears to be no significant damage caused by the drug. It is not a gateway drug. It is not addictive.

Imagine - a drug without side effects. So, absent the negatives, absent the hysteria, universal marijuana availability could be a boon to the tax base.

Total legalization. The new goal. Yay!

And, it helps cure cancers. It may also prevent them.


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