Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can Mindfulness Meditation Cure Neo-Con Panic Syndrome?

Two discoveries from the world of science this week combine wonderfully well to address the problem of overpolarization that troubles American politics.

First, the discovery that the brains of conservatives, viewed on an MRI, have measurable differences from the brains of liberals. Their amygdalas are larger. Wikipedia explains, "The amygdala processes reactions to violations concerning personal space." They have personal space violation issues.

Secondly, the discovery that mindfulness meditation reduces the size of the amygdala. In eight weeks. (Thank you Boing-Boing for the link.)

Mindfulness meditation is kind of like sitting with God as you let yourself become still.

A mindfulness teacher can be found.

Your local Quaker meeting will know more about this. These days they're called the Society of Friends. They worship by sitting in silence and many of them are very liberal.


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