Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Death Rains Down

Death we give. Blindly, then expect ourselves to live.
(McClatchy) "Coalition forces realized their mistake when they arrived at the scene and found the bodies of women and children.

The police chief said that most of the civilians were Hazara, an ethnic minority in Afghanistan that traditionally has little sympathy for Taliban insurgents, who are predominantly Pashtun."

"NATO officials said that coalition forces targeted the vehicles because they thought they were filled with Taliban reinforcements preparing to attack NATO and Afghan forces a few miles away."
"The vehicles that were hit Sunday were traveling through a Taliban-controlled area, said Saeed Zahir Zia, a local police chief who visited the site of the attack. Zia said the dead included a 3-year-old boy and 9-year-old-girl."
It's our war zone, but it's their country.

This comes after our forces bombed on February 14th a home in Marjah in which civilians were huddled, unable to escape the violence around them.

Our violence. Something we're really good at.

What can we expect will happen now?

Can we move our war zone to some place where there are no people?


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