Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make Your Own Fake Video, Like O'Keefe

The software costs only $100. It comes from Corel.

Here is their online tutorial showing how to super-impose video of a person, say a girl-friend dressed as a prostitute, over a background video of something else, say the front desk of a public service organization you hope to destroy. In the tutorial, we see a lady appearing to fondle a large balloon as it deflates. This is probably the original inspiration for Mr. O'Keefe.

Getting a girl-friend and getting her to dress as a prostitute is the hardest part. Especially if she changes her mind afterwards, as did James O'Keefe's girlfriend, Hannah Giles. A few weeks after O'Keefe was arrested for a bumbling attempt to gather background video in a senator's office in a federal office building, she is singing like a bird, telling the world that the whole Acorn expose was a fake, with hokeyed-up video. A cut-and-paste job.

Everyone believes her but the New York Times. "Prove it!" they say. They are reluctant to admit that they have been faked out. Seduced by the truthiness of a story. Pwned.

Is perhaps the Corel video tutorial above not proof enough that anyone with $100 can impugn a good organization with faked video? The technology is trivial, the confession is in hand.

The New York Times stands on its story, explains BradBlog at Democratic Underground. Acorn was a baddie, O'Keefe for real, says the NYT. They don't have the $100 Corel video software. They don't know about these things.


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