Saturday, January 02, 2010

War Crimes Never Die

How convenient. There is no statute of limitations for war crimes.

Any western soldier who brutally killed civilians in the course of our 8-year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq against those groups who blew up our biggest skyscraper on 9/11/2001 - any soldier who went beyond the pale - hangs now on a fence. As do his officers. Ever more immobile, ever more exposed.

Remember Blackwater/Xe, the private security force which provides "feet on the ground" for CIA operations, now that the CIA themselves have become mostly interrogators and analysts?

Blackwater personnel have just been freed by the United States judiciary from any criminal responsibility for killing 17 civilians. Back in September, 2007 in Nisoor Square, Baghdad, a Blackwater van got slowed in traffic and their shotguns decided that they needed to blow their way out. Big kerfluffle, we promised we'd see to it. Seems like some Bush era left-overs in the Justice Department botched the case. Can't happen again, now can it?

Free for the moment. But time is not on their side. The information age - doubling their visibility every two years - is not on their side. Identities are added to databases and tracked. Not American databases. The world becomes a cage. Leftovers get tossed when they begin to smell. The world catches up. Will we Americans respect foreign courts? Or will they need to publish rewards for the live capture of our errant idiots?

If American courts do not punish American malefactors, then the world takes over the job. Just as Nazi prison guards were hunted down one by one and brought to justice, so shall the trigger-happy gonzos at Blackwater even more quickly meet their karma in foreign courts. There is no place to hide from karma in a silicon world.

If America is not mature enough to clean itself, then the world will wipe the stains away.

It's a self-cleaning operation. The world has learned to clean itself.


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