Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mommy And Daddy Will Always Be Fighting

Mommy and daddy will always fight when their names are The Democratic Party and The Republican Party.

Like myself and so many friends who long for the days before their parents divorced - the days when mommy and daddy were together - and who hope to reconstruct this communion from which they were born, President Obama has an unnatural wish to see reconciliation between systemic opposites.

Every question has three sides - your side, my side and the right side. So said my father, in the days after the divorce. In Congress, the right side always turns out the be the side with the most votes. Every decision is an up-or-down vote. Yes or no. However many political parties we ever have, when the vote comes, some will vote 'yes' and some will vote 'no'.

It is in the design of the system. Mommy - the nurturing, caring political party - will always be fighting daddy - the defending warrior who brings home the bacon, sometimes somebody else's bacon. In a guns-versus-butter world, there will always be a guns party and there will always be a butter party.

President Obama is looking for compromise, hoping to achieve buttery guns and gunnish butter.

Mommy and daddy will always be fighting.


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