Thursday, January 21, 2010

Int'l Corps Shall Rule, Says The Roberts Supreme Court

International corporations are people, too, the Supreme Court has just said, and they should be allowed to buy and sell American politicians just as easily as any rich individual can.

Judge Roberts and the conservatives who rule the Court say that corporations should be free to buy ads touting a candidate. Free to dump lies on a candidate they don't like. Imagine if we could do that in China! China can now do it here.

He was probably thinking of American-owned corporations. But even American-owned corporations are traded globally, have foreign offices and have foreign interests. Not all of those interests coincide with the interests of the United States.

Globally traded corporations are now free to sponsor recall drives of American politicians they don't like, or who don't cater to their wishes. Or to impeach the Supreme Court.

Congress and the White House will probably quickly correct this. Foreign ownership of U.S. corporations must disqualify them from political games. Foreign partnerships are likewise a problem. Could Fiat stage a fiat?

And what about non-profit corporations, where there is no 'ownership' as such? Non-profits are not 'owned', only managed. Their assets go to other non-profits when they die.

Does it also now becomes true that foreign non-profit corporations - charities, environmental groups, political groups - are able to support American candidates? Will the Labor Party of Britain send care packages to its favorite American candidates? It is not foreign-owned, only foreign-managed.

Will any foreign power be able to buy elections in America, so long as it wears a corporate non-profit face and opens an American office?

Will the campaign to impeach Chief Justice John Roberts be global?


Blogger Dan McIntyre said...

Here is the first corporate-funded
political ad - a catch by Huffington Post -

10:27 PM, March 23, 2010  

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