Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ugandan "Kill-The-Gays" Bill Nears Passing

Uganda is about to enact a "kill the gays" bill. They expect to be able to extradite gay - or "suspected gay" Ugandans from foreign countries...such as our own. We shelter people who leave their homelands under fire.

Could someone correct them on this oversight before they pass the bill?

Their intent may be that if they can't extradite escaped gays back for death or imprisonment, then they would have cause to withdraw from global extradition agreements. Without extradition, they could then perhaps become a final refuge for the evil of the world and their wealth. One wonders at their motive.

Their attack on gays may be a back-door way of getting out of their extradition responsibilities.

Maybe Ugandans could confirm that for an Ugandan emigre in other countries, suspicion of gayness is not cause to have them extradited, as they now specify in the bill that it should be?

Do they plan to re-negotiate extradition agreements?

We are all gay Ugandans.

- - -

Update: Large church minister Rick Warren, whose Ugandan influence helped propagate the hate that led to this bill, has called it Un-Christian, and has asked the Ugandans not to pass the bill. Others in The Family, founders of the C-Street House clique in Washington who made Uganda a special project for their ministry, are also now asking that the killing not be done.

Imprisonment, yeah, that's Christian. But killing... gee, that smacks of Rwanda.

We are all gay Ugandans.


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