Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lieberman Toggle

Senator Joe Lieberman is nominally a Democrat. In name only.

As noted by driftglass at Crooks and Liars,

  1. Lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut to an actual Democrat.
  2. Formed his own Lieberman Uber Alles Party (Motto: A Smarmy Of One)
  3. Ran against the candidate of the Democratic Party and,
  4. With massive assistance from a cartel of banks, insurance companies, credit card companies and Republicans who now collectively own his quisling ass, managed to win back his former Senate seat.
  5. He also endorsed the Republican candidate for President in 2008 and campaigned for (Mc)same, and was welcomed and applauded as a member of the family at The Grand Ol' Party convention of insane freaks."

Yet... Lieberman is Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. In 2008 after the election, he almost lost the chairmanship. He was recently warned by Senator Harkin that if he votes on the Healthcare bill as a representative of the Connecticut insurance companies his chairmanship would be in jeopardy again.

If Lieberman loses his chair, then his many security-related constituencies lose power. If he votes for health care and keeps his chair, then his state loses business.

Will his security-related constituencies perhaps have a word with his local people?

Lieberman is, after all, just the button they push. And right now, the push-button is a toggle switch.

He could, of course, ask the people of Connecticut what they'd like him to do. That would reduce his dependence on any of these backers. Who presently have his tail firmly in their grip.


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