Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can We Have A Freddie VISA?

If one spends a penny less each month than one has earned, one becomes happy.

If one spends a penny more each month than one has earned, one becomes cursed. One owes. Charles Dickens wrote books about this principle.

Today, if a person can manage to live on quite a bit less and spend only 2/3 of their income, and can set the rest aside in an online brokerage account, then in five or ten years one can live on the income from the money invested. Invest the money in companies that relieve suffering, and one will have it made in days to come. This writer, for example, has chosen SPWRA and ISRG and bought Ford when Detroit was grounding out.

We have seen that market collapse is only another buying opportunity. The cheaper that stocks become, the more government moves in to make Capitalism work right, borrowing deeply as we have even now from Communist China to tilt our leaking bucket aright. So buying at market bottoms is a pretty safe bet. Be Superman coming to the rescue when the Dow is down and your favorite stock has fallen.

For those who can save a penny, easy access to the stock market fulfills the Socialist principle that the working class should own the means of production. Now we do. We just don't manage these companies yet.

We spend less than we earn. We gain power. We will manage soon.

The banks of the world have their claws in the flesh of those who cannot save, who spend more than they earn.

They monthly suck the blood of the mindless with a needlessly high interest rate. There is a public need for cheap rescue credit. We loan money to these banks for almost nothing. Can there be a Freddie VISA to rescue credit card users from their own learning experience?

Perhaps it could be combined with a group brokerage account? Give people the sharable experience of investing in their future.


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