Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Should An End-Of-Life Decision Lower One's Health Care Cost?

I will be signing soon a Living Will and also a Healthcare Power of Attorney. This is so that someone close to me will be able to tell the doctor to pull the plug when all is lost. Doctors love to go on and on and run up the bill.

Suppose I were to get a discount in my monthly insurance bills for doing this?

Suppose those people who do want to have an extended service plan at the end of life were to prepay that expense - using their own insurance plan, with appropriately higher rates?

Having seen one friend die in home hospice, I will welcome it. I can recommend it. Have a friend see you off. The hospice caregivers visit almost every day. It's a cheap way to die. It should be cheap to pay for, too.

Would a reward to those of us who choose hospice make health care cheaper?


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