Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speak Simply, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Can you say "Public Choice" instead of "Public Option"?

Can you say "Medicare For All" instead of "Single Payer System"?

Can you sell?

We are poor, dumb, beaten and drained. Can you use words we know? Can you speak of real things and of relations between real things, instead of spouting fancy abstract ideas? Can you say in simplest terms just what you want for us?

We the simplest may then perhaps begin to trust you.

With best regards,


P.S. Making fun of the poor demented lady who didn't want government programs telling her what to do but who wanted her Medicare kept intact - that was awfully witty. It bought a laugh from the crowd you were speaking to. But see what the poor idiots of the land heard. They heard you making fun of a grandma's contradictions. From a wise and witty place. Speaking to her like a bible salesman or a college professor. Got any better voices?

Lord knows, we've all got enough of our own contradictions. We could make fun of you, too, President O'Maybe.

Please give us nouns. Not adjectives. Nouns. We want nouns.

P.P.S. Short sentences say the most. We know you have an attention span. Trust us. We know.


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