Saturday, September 05, 2009

Schools Make Obama's Speech Contraband

President Obama will be giving a speech soon to the nation's schoolchildren. He is expected to speak about the importance of working hard and staying in school.

However, a number of public schools around the nation, fearing "socialist" mind-warping, have made his speech contraband. They will not let the kids see the speech. Elsewhere, individual parents will also be making the speech contraband, keeping their kids home that day.

Frightened parents apparently assume that none of their children will then hear this speech.

Except... the speech will almost certainly be available on YouTube and on It will be viewable to anyone with an internet connection. Downloaded podcasts of it will be everywhere. The printed text will be in newspapers.

Will kids who were protected from this "socialist" speech carefully scan the text, trying to figure out the naughty parts? What were their parents trying to hide?

Don't parents know anything?

Or wait! Could this be, in fact, a scurrilous secret plan to get kids to want to work hard and to stay in school?

If this speech is forbidden, then more kids will listen carefully. It will reach all ears. If students discover that hard work is a no-no, many more may choose to do just that.

Clever, Tom Sawyer.


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