Friday, September 11, 2009

Brains... They Need Brains...

Back in the time of Bush, a flow of White House talking points provided spoutable phrases and useful mottoes for conservative pundits and politicians. They must now begin to think. Lately, they have sounded like the lonely teen at a high school dance who doesn't know the right words to say, full of angst, but lacking in verbal acuity.

And maybe a little drunk.

So it was that brute emotional force led a possibly inebriated South Carolina Congressman to shout "you lie!" to the President during his speech to Congress last night. He was instantly told to apologize by his peers and did immediately apologize to the President for his lack of decorum. But he didn't apologize for being wrong.

He said that the new health care bill would give illegal immigrants free health care. Not true, said the President. (Google 'title 3200, section 246' and see for yourself.)

Being wrong is not a problem for Republicans today. They espouse the silliest notions, provably in error, but exciting none the less. Death panels. Kenyan birth certificates (two now, both faked). Medicare = socialism = fascism. They entice followers by describing their imaginings. This can only work for so long. But what else have they?

No script. No currency. They are not where it's happening. No power. Although they still reap a harvest of corporate donations, it will come in useful for lawyer fees very soon. While Obama and Eric Holder temporize and run out the clock on investigating the Bush staffers who led us into torture, the Hague sits and waits. The Hague appears to impose no statute of limitations on torturers.

And the Republican party continues to shed its moderates. It will be, tomorrow, 9/12/09, embracing its many chaotic radical wings: the secessionists, the racists, the conspiracy theorists, the Murdock press and their followers. And the Limbaugh ditto-heads. As they march on Washington. In buses provided by the health-care industry. These people have words to say. Not very sensible ones, but ones full of the kind of emotion that can make a congressman call his President a liar without first checking the facts.

Of course, the Republicans are dreading the death of their party. It will come with all the slowness in the world. Conservatives still hold the Supreme Court, and any indictment can be appealed to the Court, which may decide that the President does, in fact, have unlimited power. So yes, Obama and Holder are temporizing. Let the Hague deal with it.

The Republicans who remain are like the investors who failed to get out of GM before their stock became totally dead. They trade a penny stock and hope for rain.

A renaissance may come when Republicans embrace entrepreneurialism as an alternative to the ideals of capitalism and global corporatism. There are lots of entrepreneurs these days. Thousands more every week.

Until then, they are zombies. They need brains.


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