Saturday, August 22, 2009

Broadcasting From Home

Well, it has been a week.

The internal Inspector General's report that led the Bushies to halt their most outrageous acts of torture back in 2004 is being released in a day or two. Then - I betcha - the AG will announce a special prosecutor to investigate those who went overboard with the water-boarding.

The resulting shift in news focus will give cover to the senators who have lately climbed up flagpoles denouncing universal Medicare and will give them a chance to dismount with dignity. The health care bill will be renamed, may be divided into portions, and will sail through Congress.

I hope.

The secret CIA assassination squad has been discovered to have been contracted out to Blackwater, and not by bid, but by agreement between principals. This is the same assassination squad in which Cheney told participants not to report to Congress. Did Cheney boss them?

Although Blackwater was paid millions in the process, rumor has it that they didn't kill anyone. So they say to the trusting. Instructing someone to break the law by not reporting covert actions to Congress is, however, breaking the law, and Mr. Cheney's water may get hotter.

Bush's legal counsel Harriet Miers has fingered Karl Rove in the US Attorney firing scandal. He was oh-so complicit.

Tom Ridge has begun the confession process. He mentions briefly in his new book his role in artfully getting America scared during the Bush years. He values his honor. Discussion is ensuing. Fake scares happened more than once.

Sarah Palin will be moving to Rhode Island, a Democratic stronghold halfway between Harvard and Yale, and will probably be working for Fox, perhaps replacing Glenn Beck, who is on a surprise vacation for having called Obama a racist and losing 20 sponsors.

The Administration keeps giving Republicans enough rope to hang themselves, then cutting it off. Again and again. Conservatives are, in ways, trusting souls. They know their illusions will prove real, sooner or later.

Oh, it's all going along so well. Some people are starting to realize that as the biennial doubling of computer power continues on and on, the world progressively redefines itself. Others are not aware of this, think old games can still be played, and are turned like sod. The pace of change has become defined and regular, like the plow that turns the springtime soil.

As more and more of the world gets cable TV, more and more people will become able to watch the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts, the Rachel Maddows and Keith Olbermanns. They will no longer miss the real show, the drama and the glory, the popping of bubbles of hype, the triumph of the logical.

Or, if naturally illogical, some perhaps will find the Glenn Becks of the world, the spouting idiots, more to their liking. Idiots that they can understand. And the spouting is so thrilling to watch. They are being circled like a herd.

Consider the 270 degree right turn (= a left turn) taken by Michelle Bachman, as she insists suddenly that she doesn't want the government to have control over her body.

The LaRouche political cult had taken to echoing Republican talking points. Perhaps they have finally found good funding. This echoes the Black Muslims' support of Obama in the election, and even the Communist Party's support of Kennedy in the '60's. When crunch comes to shove, differences evaporate.

The Birthers' Orly Tait was given a Kenyan birth certificate that proved her thesis on Obama's non-native birth. Once she was hooked and spouting, it was exposed as a fraud. Now Betsy McCaughey has lost her job as a paid board member of a medical company for starting - and pushing - the "end-of-life counseling equals 'death panels'" rumor. She visited Jon Stewart's show, and he spent his whole program with her, slowly ripping her to shreds.

There's rope enough for everyone. The guys who wore guns to the President's town halls are probably no longer getting phone calls. Not for a long, long time.

They may transition into blog writers over time. Broadcasting from home.


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