Thursday, July 02, 2009

Do "Stress Positions" Kill?

President Obama is enjoying golf these days, as it lets him get away from everything else and de-stress.

In the comment stream following this article on C&L, commenter "paul" writes

"Stress Positions"
Wed, 07/01/2009 - 14:17 — Paul

That term is an interesting euphamism for torture. All stress positions kill, if held long enough. Crucifixion is distiguishable only because it is the best known stress position. Hold any position that stresses muscles long enough and without opportunity to release the stress and the stressed muscles will go anaerobic, which produces copious amounts of lactic acid. It produces agonizing cramps in every muscle in the body, including the heart. When lactic acid reaches a critical point, the heart goes into tetany and siezes with cramps. Death results.

Those who are repeatedly subjected to sub-lethal duration stress positions can be expected sustain irreversible coronary damage. If they don't die, their lives are altered, ruined and shortened. This is all known before the fact, which makes the practice all the more reprehensible. It is well known and understood physiology, and the foreknowledge nullifies all the excuse making about it supposedly only causing discomfort. It is torture. It is inflicting harm on those who have already been subdued and are therefore harmless and defenseless. For just reasons, such practices are considered war crimes or crimes against humanity. The people who authorize and commit such crimes should be recognize and called to accounts as arch-criminals.

This is news to me. I think it is news to the world.

"Stress Positions" produce generalized intense pain? Reading back into
the article
I see that our "stress positions" appear to have killed a guy. Maybe several. We killed the guy. America killed the guy. Using stress positions.

No wonder President Obama enjoys his golfing. Perhaps others would, too.


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