Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is Secret Government Innately Illegal?

The need for secrecy obsessed the Bush Administration.

When the courts and Congress asked for documents, the Bush people refused, playing the 'national security' card. They refused to participate in tri-partite government. The other branches of government were suddenly less than equal. The secret side of the executive branch was responsible to no court, was managed by no law.

Today, under Obama, it still is not. It is not constructed of law, but in spite of it. It is secret because it works outside the law.

Unless the courts and Congress can suddenly also choose to be secretive, the already secretive executive holds greater power. This is nothing new. The FBI's J. Edgar Hoover had files on Congressmen and a healthy yearly budget allocation in return. Is this legal?

A government constructed from known law, deliberated and debated and carved to fit by electors from the people, its engine driven by the people's taxes, its charge the welfare of these very same people - what room exists for secrets there?

All else is sham.


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