Friday, February 13, 2009

The Topology of Nope

Comedian Stephen Colbert jokes that while Obama has brought to America the 'audacity of hope', the Republicans are now bringing it the 'audacity of nope'.

Apparently the loyal opposition is discovering its new role by reflexively opposing anything Democratic. 'Opposition' is their name.

Perhaps discovering 'loyal' will come next. Although they are loyal to their mottoes - "tax relief creates jobs" - modern faith demands better proof than they can provide. Have tax loopholes created jobs? Is this opposition loyal to any principle higher than mottoes? Is habit the highest loyalty they can discover? Is denial then a principle to live by?

So the Republicans now must oppose whatever Democrats propose.

The Republicans ran the economy into the ground by making endless war. War takes money and throws it. For munitions makers, endless war makes money forever.

Republican Senator David Vitter, avoiding the fact that habituative Republican management has led this country into its current dire straits, has decided that the GOP's goal must be to make the Democrats "own" the stimulus completely. It's all theirs.

Vitter misses a point. If the Democrats "own" the solution, who "owns" having made the problem? The problem-makers couldn't solve the problem, or they would have done so long ago. They own the problem.

Forcing the solution to be Democratic draws a line that makes the problem Republican.


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