Monday, February 23, 2009

Send Our Torture Victims Directly To The Hague

Surely they will accept them.

We released today to British custody one Binyam Mohammed, a person whom we held for four years, tortured, and have now released without charging. Sorry, fella. We screwed up.

But we're not about to admit that we're screw-ups or that we let a screw-up named George Bush screw up the country. We need to look forward. From the mud and slime he left.

So we just may let the statute of limitations run out. The American statute of limitations.

That leaves it up to the world to keep the Geneva Conventions real. Otherwise, they are a fraud, a charade, a ghost in the wind.

Binyam Mohammad will find his way to The Hague. Sooner than later.

Why don't we just send all our torture victims there and call it a day?

We don't know how to stop screwing up.


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