Friday, February 06, 2009

Gus and Herkimer: In Memoriam

Many of us saw on TV yesterday the sad image of one of Gus's feathers. It was shredded and torn, pulled from the remains of the roaring engine that struck him and brother Herkimer so suddenly from our sky two weeks ago and returned them to the river, nature's home.

He died quickly. That we can say.

Both Gus McCausless and Herkimer Honkalot were struck from behind by a machine running ten times faster through the sky, mindless and unaware of its other occupants. It ploughed through both wings of Flight 14732 Canadian like a Florida rocket, killing both Gus and Herkie and breaking the wings of a dozen others, who now suffer on the ground alone, if they haven't been eaten by the dogs.

The machine fell ok and the people got out. At least it didn't take them, too. Maybe they will feed the ones with broken wings.

Gus's spouse, Nancy has been endlessly grieving and has fallen to the tail of her wing. We fear she may leave us. Herkimer left no spouse, but many friends. They talk a lot in his absence.

We must persist. We must continue. We live.

We live the sky.


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