Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Changing Gov

To the notches on our guns we can add two UN schools full of refugees. The Israelis hit them with 120 mm mortar shells, their largest mortar shells. Bought by our loans. Children were playing on the roof.

Six day. Oh God, six more days.

Children were playing on the roof.

Take their keys away.

War crime. Say the Brits.

Five days, now.

The Israelis just last night hit the building in Gaza that houses the international press corps. Not good for them. Who will win them the world's hearts and minds? Will the world press now turn on Israel?

Hitting on the press lost John McCain the Presidency. Well, that and other things.

Four days.

Bush, a shaken ghost, gave his farewell address last night. He hopes we won't hate him, he says. Days earlier he posed, sneeringly snockered, in the oval office with Obama, Presidents Clinton and Carter and his own father, to have a little President-to-President talk. Clinton admired the rug.

Racing through his nomination hearing, the new Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr., said yes, waterboarding is torture. Yes, he will enforce the law. Our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was thrilling in her understanding of foreign policy. The Republicans had little that was negative to say.

Obama has named gay Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson to give an invocation at a ceremony that precedes the Rick Warren invocation. Mending bridges. Evangelical gays will decide.

Having been bait-and-switched so many times by the Democrats, I keep waiting for the switch. So far, it's still all bait. And of the best kind. Obama's old campaign organization lives on, and is engaging the nation in a cultivation of the best ideas that can come forth, to be presented daily in a briefing book to the President. Your idea can meet his eyes. Your peers will decide.

Obama has named Nancy Killifer to the position of chief performance officer for his administration. A new KIND of government appears to be in the works. A government with horse-power, a government that meets spec.


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